"Smudging" is a centuries-old spiritual practice that has evolved into a daily ritual for those of us seeking to attract and maintain a positive flow of energy and good vibes. 

Cedarbrush: is best known for its ability to attract good spirits and eliminate negative energy. Cedar brushing can be healing, restorative, cleansing, and purifying.


  • 4" Concrete smudging plate.
  • Cedarbrush smudge stick. 
  • Two sticks of ethically sourced Peruvian Palo Santo.
  • Apothecary Matchstick jar.
  • Scented tea light candle.
  • Instruction/description booklet.

How to use: light one end long enough for it to catch fire (Warning: Sage will ignite faster), blow out the flame, waft throughout your space, and set your intention for the day. Place in a fire safe container or smudging plate when finished.

  • $28.00
  • $30.00